Zinc and Nickel Plating


Zinc-Nickel Alloy plating

For ferrite steel we now use a Zinc-Nickel alloy electro-plating process. For restoration purposes this provides an end result that looks like the original, but with corrosion resistant properties around five times that of pure zinc. You also get the option of a bright silver/blue or Yellow chromate finish. This is a good finish for classic nuts and bolts, suspension components and brake calipers.

Bright Nickel Plate

We can also do a restoration and nickel plate to damaged components. The process is multi-step but at a simple level consists of removal of rust and damage, then copper plate to repair pits to the substrate and finally a polish prior to adding a bright nickel finish. 

What type of components can you plate

Our plating tanks are roughly 600mm long, 380mm wide and around 250mm deep. This means we can plate many items that will fit in the tank. In some circumstances we can plate larger items if they lend themselves to being plated in 2 stages (i.e. one end , then the other end.) 

Please note:- that we are not a large commercial plating business. Our focus is on single component restorations such as a pair of brake calipers or a set of fuel lines, nuts and bolts, bike stands and other such things. talk to us about your needs and we'll find a solution.