Vapour Blasting


vapour blasting

Vapour blasting or aqua blasting is similar to dry blasting in so much that it uses compressed air to accelerate the media onto the component being treated. Where vapour blasting differs is that it uses water mixed with the media to lubricate the cleaning action. This enables a clean with almost no impact to the material substrate making it particularly appropriate for the restoration of car and motorcycle components. 

Which media is used?

Here at Coln Blast Cleaning we use a very fine (100-150) glass media. When dry it has a consistency slightly more course than bicarbonate of soda. When mixed with water the action is extremely gentle on soft material components. Aluminium/ alloys and plastics used on motorcycles and carburettors can be bought back to almost new condition.

What can be vapour blasted?

Pretty much anything can be vapour blasted. It is particularly good for restoring plastics and soft metals such as aluminium, brass and other soft alloys. It can be used on steel also when a gentle and careful restoration is required. 

To the left is a photo of an Yamaha XS500 engine and the components of a Holly carburettor


We charge £40 per hour.  A carburettor already stripped takes under an hour, a small motorcycle engine consisting of an air cooled head, barrel and pair of crank case sides takes about 3 hours. If parts are particularly greasy then it can take longer. A big V twin with multiple covers can take up to 8 hours.