Vehicle Workshop Club

Vehicle Workshop Club

What are we doing?

It's always been Coln Engineering's understanding that our customers really wish to restore their own vehicles and we are their to help with the difficult jobs. Well, we are now bringing that intent a leap closer to full reality with our plans to open up the workshops and equipment to our customers for a small hire fee. whether you are building a steam engine, restoring a bike or car, or repairing/restoring household items, most engineering jobs will be possible.

What equipment will be available?

The equipment will include a car lift, motorcycle lifts, work benches, shot and vapour blast equipment, lathe, and drilling machines enabling you to undertake pretty much any job needed to restore a car. There is even a paint shop business in an adjoining unit. We will also provide safety and equipment training on your first day. There are also experts and fellow enthusiasts around to assist with sticky problems. 

When will the workshop be available

We are planning to open the workshop on 30th March 2020. We are taking names and deposits from folks who think they can make use of such a facility. Time and space is limited so if you'd like to apply for place please fill out the form by filling out the form below and typing "Workshop Club" in the subject field. We will invoice you a joining/annual fee of £35.  This will give you your first 1/2 day work on a car lift, or a day on a motorcycle lift in addition to your annual membership. So you only need to use the shop once a year to get your fee back. Further workshop time can be booked in advance for around £35 a day or £150/week Final pricing to be advised nearer the time.