Dry Blasting

Shot blasting in gloucestershire

What is dry blasting?

Dry blasting is the process of accelerating media onto a component in order to remove dirt, rust, scaling, paint or any other contaminant. Here at Coln Blast cleaning we use vacuume blasting in a one meter cube chamber. This keeps the media inside the chamber in a closed loop system. 

Which media is used

Many different media's can be used depending on the finish required and the type of material being restored. 

Examples include chilled iron, plastic beads, sand, glass and aluminium oxide. As we have the benefit of an aqua blaster we tend to use our dry blaster for steel and iron components only, so use a very fine chilled iron (G05) This is perfect for many small automotive components effectively cleaning them without damage. Occasionally we may use a more course media for deep rust or removal of powder coat.

What can be cleaned

We can fit most motorcycle frames into our cabinet up to about 1200mm. All moving parts should be removed or they will become clogged with the media. Removal of swinging arms is really a must prior to shot blasting.