Why Us?

We understand that fellow enthusiasts really want to restore their own motorcycle or car, but would like assistance with the tasks that can be time consuming, difficult or impossible without the right equipment.  

We specialise in the service and restoration of carburettors (see our carb page) to the highest standards but can also utilise the investments we made for this task to restore other components to look and function as new again using a range of techniques and equipment from shot blasting, vapour blasting, ultrasonic cleaning or zinc and nickel plating

Carburettor recovery and particularly motorcycle carbs can be a fiddle to recover. We will discuss with you what you're trying to achieve. Is it a daily drive/ride or a concours show vehicle. Understanding this enables us to give you a number of different options for a range of results.

We are based in the Bristol Road area of Gloucester near the quays, but can help wherever you are.

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Services provided


Carburettor restoration

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

We specialise in carburettor service and refurbishment to a customers specification. We have the tools, suppliers and knowledge to restore any car or bike carburettor from the 1920's through to the 1990's


Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

Ultrasonic cleaning is the ultimate in getting to the difficult areas inside old carburettors, removing all traces of old fuel deposits. It complements vapour blasting giving us the ability to perfectly clean components inside and out. 

Zinc and Nickel plating for car or motorcycle component restoration

Polishing and Plating

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Vapour blasting

Polishing and Plating

 We have the facilities to polish, remove old plating and pitting and produce a new look zinc alloy or nickel plating to produce a hard chrome look to your bike or car components. Why not add a yellow zinc plate to a newly dry blasted brake caliper from £35?

Finding us


There are a number of options to make use of our services.  In the first instance please call, text or email us by phone on 07791 778328

  • You can bring your components to us yourself, but please contact us first so that we can ensure we're around.
  • You can post your parts to us at the address below.

Coln Engineering

Unit 3 Alma Terrace, Bristol Road, Gloucester, GL1 5PY

Tel: 07791 778328 or 07831 850383 Email: info@colnblastcleaning.co.uk or complete the form above


Monday - Friday: 9:30 to 4:30 but please call to make drop off and collection arrangements.

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed